Minnetonka Baseball Association is a program of service to the youth of our community. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under good leadership in an atmosphere of wholesome community participation.
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2014 MBA Structure
Minnetonka Baseball Association “MBA” Families:   Check...
Injury Prevention Screening
Breaking News - Single Baseball Organization for Minnetonka
Mandatory Concussion Training for Coaches
Starting in 2012 - per MN Session law, all coaches must have taken...
Little League Bat Specifications
2014 MBA Structure
by posted 12/03/2013
Minnetonka Baseball Association “MBA” Families:
Check out the recently updated - Under League Descriptions.
Registration will open in early January.  We look forward to providing greater detail in the coming months as well as answering your questions.  If you have any current questions, they can be directed to either Kyle Heitkamp ( , 952-412-8092), Robbie Burkhart ( , 612-325-9526) or any personal contact you may have on the board.
Thank you.

MBA board
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Injury Prevention Screening
by posted 11/11/2013

Breaking News - Single Baseball Organization for Minnetonka
by posted 09/11/2013

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Minnetonka Baseball Community,

It is with great pleasure that we announce that East Tonka Little League (ETLL) and South Tonka Little League (STLL) will be merging with Minnetonka Baseball Association (MBA). 


For years, our individual leagues worked independently to make operational decisions.  Over the past year, ETLL, STLL, and MBA worked together to find ways we could learn from each other and build a consistent philosophy for all ages.  As we did this, we realized that even though we had some slight differences, if we would combine our resources we would be much stronger.


ETLL, STLL, and Tonka Babe Ruth (TBR) have been great organizations over the years in our community.  Now we will be able to take the years of experience and combine the resources into one organization similar to other sports in our community.  The new Board will be comprised of past board members of ETLL, STLL, and MBA. 


Our combined organization will now provide us with the ability to teach our players a consistent philosophy from a young age to their high school years.  We will now have one website for communicating. We will also be able to combine our Baseball Association is a program of service to youth purchasing power for equipment, uniforms, and other items needed by the organization.  Our players will also have the pride of being “Minnetonka” when they first begin to play baseball like it happens in other sports.


Our goal is to keep every interested player enjoying the great game of baseball and, as a player gets older, to offer different styles of baseball that fit his/her skills and family preferences.


So, what does this mean for 2014? We are currently looking at the structure of our programs. With ETLL & STLL coming together, there are now several options to consider at those ages (12 and below).We expect to continue our emphasis on community baseball and to offer tournament/postseason opportunities for the older Little League ages. 


We will develop a premier organization for players at all levels.  The Board will work with the leaders from our baseball community to come up with the best solution.  Once the structure is completed, we will have a community meeting to present the 2014 structure.


If we all work together with common goals from the youth program to the high school, we will provide a great experience for every player that steps on our fields.

Go Tonka!

Robbie Burkhart, ETLL President

Kurtt Richman, STLL President

Kyle Heitkamp, MBA President

Mandatory Concussion Training for Coaches
by posted 12/16/2011
Starting in 2012 - per , all coaches must have taken the within the last 3 years.
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Little League Bat Specifications
by posted 01/06/2011


LL Email Header


to find the latest bat information, including the Little League Baseball rules and regulations governing bats, definition of terms, the moratorium on the use of composite bats, and a series of frequently asked questions, with answers.


If there is a bat-related issue that requires an explanation the answer is just a click away.


You are encouraged to you use this resource, and refer to it often to review the latest information.



Little League International
P.O. Box 3485
539 US Route 15 Hwy
Williamsport, PA 17701-0485

Phone: 570-326-1921

Fax: 570-326-1074



If you have any questions please feel free to contact any MBA Board Member.


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